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2023 Bosward Semillon

2023 Bosward Semillon

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Semillon is the most beautiful grape. Its ability to make stunning wines over a range of styles and price points, from wines that age for decades to bottles, that cost thousands on release. It’s one of the truly great cepage.

Colour: Pale straw with green hue

Nose: Lime Brulé, citrus blossom and lemon zest. Time on lees has left aromas of rolled oats, spruce timber and sourdough.

Palate: Prim acidity provides structure throughout the length of the palate. Time maturing on yeast lees from fermentation gives the illusion of the wine being riper than it is and helps balance the acidity that will be its hallmark of the long cool year 2023 vintage. Will age well over the next 5 -7 years and beyond.

11% Alcohol

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