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Bosward Wines was something I have been contemplating for a long time.

So why do it now? A Roseworthy education, winemaking exposure in a dozen countries and establishing great Australian brands Kaesler and Yarra Yering provided an enormous body of experience, and it seems the time is right to unfurl it.

Our family are now a little bit interested in what I have been up to over all these years. I have my Mum and Dad's support, as they had their own vineyard. And crucially, the kids are alert, the time is right, so we begin.

The Travelling Stone

My family’s heritage is disparate. My Dad’s family tree reaches right back to England, down the Lord Nelson family line. Mum is Canadian and still a citizen, even after living in Australia for close to 60 years.

My parents travelled extensively through the 1960’s, and the slide nights of my parent's travel through Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Canada were legendary and inspiring. They accomplished unbelievable feats. This in turn inspired our own travel ambitions and dare I say those of our children as well. The stone, from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia Canada, was a gift from my cousin Michael, as a token of good fortune when I started travelling. The stone, has itself seen millennia of Salmon run and been with me through some fun, interesting, desperate and dangerous times. It has been a resilient token of luck and will help us with this next adventure.


The Growers

For the last 30 years, while creating one of Australia’s iconic Barossa wines I have worked mostly on single vineyards with an incredible vineyard crew at Kaesler and Yarra Yering, for which I am very proud. However, this project gets me back to what I consider to be the soul of the Barossa, its growers. Bosward Wines allows us to work with growers. It’s a delicate and rewarding experience.

Our growers fulfil the role akin to their title and we fulfil ours as the winemakers, the relationship is symbiotic, and the wine is the product of that relationship.